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Congrats on reaching nerdvana.


Well its 2006 and no FIOS to Needham yet. More broken promises. It kills me to see FIOS is Here trucks a mile away in newton.

Craig Schmidt

Very true Rob. I was thinking that myself the other day. Hurry up already!


FIOS is now available in Needham. Verizon opened it up April 30.


RS is correct, FIOS is finally in Needham! My order has already been placed.

Craig Schmidt

I wish they would get FIOS TV going as well. It seems I'd still have to use Comcast for cable TV. I hope they get that soon, and then I can just use Verizon for phone, TV, and internet.


We won't get FIOS TV until Needham grants Verizon the franchise agreement. I'm not even sure if the proposal has been submitted yet.

Craig Schmidt

Update: According to an email I got last night from Verizon, Needham Board of Selectmen approved a video license for FIOS TV. So it should be coming soon for us.

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