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Actually I've found this blog while searching for some news about Mathematica 6.

There isn't much in the conference proceedings:

I like Mathematica very much, but absolutely hate Wolfram's attitude. Locking out the public can only hurt the company, so I don't understand why. They make you pay for every little thing that should be included with the main product: RealTime3D is almost unusable, but you have to pay to get Dynamic Visualizer; you have to pay to get access to the Mathematica Journal; there's only one good Mma newsgroup, but it is moderated (of course, this is sometimes a good thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that an inquiry about Mma 6 doesn't even get through their censorship).

I was tempted to switch to some other maths system solely for these reasons, but (in my opinion) unfortunately there still isn't any other product---open or commercial---that's as good as Mathematica.

Kathryn Cramer

I was there and I took pictures. Want to see them?


Murray Eisenberg

It is not necessarily the case that guarding proprietary secrets by NDA's is ultimately harmful to marketing the product. Why should they give too much advance notice to their competitors, after all?

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